muscle and fitness: the guide to becoming stronger

 muscle and fitness: the guide to becoming stronger

muscle and fitness: the guide to becoming stronger

Many people go to the gym to build a distinctive form and major physical fitness to progress their external appearance.
But exercising in the gym is not only for this purpose. Several studies have been conducted in recent years.

On the importance and benefits of muscle, found some studies that workouts strength like building muscle progress brain activity, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure, and even protect the form from these diseases.

There is a significant thing you should know. workout muscle a week or doing physical exercise, in general, prolongs a person's life. this is not a lie, it is a confirmed fact from numerous studies and much research.

 But how does this happen? Our bodies lose muscle mass after the age of thirty, which leads to a raise in the incidence of diseases, which leads to the death of a person at the age of sixty or seventy, and sometimes it reaches the death of a person in 50 years old due to lack of strength training. But training that leads to muscle development and increased fitness significantly reduces the rate of muscle loss

And because after you know these valuable values ​​about the value of fitness and muscle, you have a desire to start exercising and do a hundred several pressures, but you have to calm down to learn how to increase muscle fitness. Frankly, there are two ways, the first method is forbidden and you should not try it or even approach it. I'm just going to tell you to avoid it or to advise anyone to try it

The safest way is artificial protein needles. There is an artificial matter substance that they put in the needles and then give to the ruck to raise the size of the muscle and this method is used by corrupt ruck to mend  their appearance from the outside, but this matter destroys the muscle from the inside and he can not range his goal if someone tries this method

Now, the good ways include two ways to increase fitness muscular, the first agenda you can do it in the bedroom. but the second agenda is you should go to the gym to do it

okay, the first program(work out at home) you can do this training in house, park, beach any anyplace. you should be done up to 3 sets and each set should do 8 to 15 reps 
  • Pushups are an essential exercise to develop more physical strength.
  • Impedance belt pull-up, this exercise is necessary to develop the fifteen upper back muscles.
  • Shoulder press on the resistance band, use this movement to build up your upper back and shoulders.
  • Squatting, this basic training  is useful for strengthening the calf and buttock muscle
  • Reverse lunge, this exercise targets the muscle of the thighs, buttocks, and legs
  • Butt bridge, this movement develops the glutes, lower back, and abdomen.
  • Plank, develop your heart with this seemingly simple practice.
  • Side bridge, this practice strengthens the core of the employees.
this plan erects muscle and the person which follows this system gets good health 
the second routine need to go to the gym because these exercises depend on the user equipment training and training machines this practice is.

Push Day (3 sets each)
  •   Dumbbell Chest Press  This exercise targets the chest muscles.
  •   Seated Dumbbell Press  This exercise strengthens the shoulder muscles.
  •   Skeletal Muscle Pushdown  Squeeze your muscles with this exercise. 
  •  Skeletal Muscle Push Down  Tighten skeletal muscles with this exercise. 
  •  Skeletal Muscle Reward  This exercise targets the triceps muscles. 
  • Machine Dips  Tighten your skeletal muscles with this training.  
  Leg Days (3 sets each) 
  •   Leg Press Machine  Train your quads with the leg press machine. 
  •  Leging Leg Curl  Strengthen your hamstrings with this simple workout. 
  •  Squat  Take your squat to the next level by adding a weighted barbell. 
  •  Weighted Lunges   Add weighings to your lunges for an extra challenge. 
  • Standing Calf Raises  Develop your calf muscles with this workout. 
   Pull Days (3 sets each) 
  •   Pull-Ups  Go back to facility class and build that muscle with this exercise. 
  • Latissimus Dorsi Pull Down This workout does your skeletal muscles and forearm.
  •  Seated Cable Row  This workout works all the muscles in the middle of your back. 
  •  Biceps Curls  This common workout is great for working your striated muscles.
  •  Hammer Curls  Hammer curls target the muscles around the elbow.
Trust me, dear reader, this is a comprehensive guide. If you follow its step and tips with major motivation, as I tell you, the muscle will be very strong within five weeks and help you burn fat and make a good strong muscle and strength.

I will give you some leading tips for you. First, everyone wants to have the weight of Big Ramy's body that he sees in the magazine, on TV, and on phones within three days, and this is of course impossible. 

You have to get tired and patient and keep for numerous years until you range the weight of that person who has been playing since he was fifteen.

Secondly, do you know why Big Ramy won first place in bodybuilding three times in a row and reached a weight of 250 kg?

 He did this by learning the way to perform the workouts, and he was very regular on the dates of the sports, and the most leading thing is that he was patient and persevered until he gained the experience of a trainer in performing the workouts, and even exceeded that much. You can also do this.

Big Ramy

you can learn and will be an expert when you do workouts. I want to encourage you to do training hard, Third, consult a workout expert. 

Consult a training expert to make sure that you are training properly, and with time you become one of the experts. Fourth, you have to set goals, if you set a goal for yourself, you will become more motivated in the workout.

Fifth, track your progress. You have to track your progress until you know how far you are from your goals and your standard of fitness.

 Most follow the standard of fitness with body weight, and this is a mistake because there is no relationship between weights, fitness level, and muscle strength. You have to use many best methods like an online calculator or fitness tracker or some tests that check your fitness standard.  

Sixth, no pain no gain, you can not reach your target without pain, without fatigue, you can almost certainly feel pain if you do the training correctly. But wait until you reach the recovery stage and you will see a noticeable change in your muscle strength. 

Seventh, exercise with a group of friends People who play in groups of friends exercise more regularly than playing alone, so go to the gym with your colleagues who always go. This is better for you than going to the gym alone, but if you want to go alone, there is no problem. 

Last advice, do workouts and lift weights only help you raise your body weight with strong muscles and better muscular fitness. Of course not, forget those myths, you have to follow a nutrition system
 or diet to build strong muscle

What should be eaten to build muscle or what can be the regimen that is practiced to become heavier with muscle or decrease the bodyweight?.. Eating the right diet is very important for building high-quality muscle 

So you have to stay in the kitchen and prepare meals rich in proteins, there is a rule that helps to know the number of proteins that it is preferable to eat daily. 0.8 grams of proteins per pound, for example, if you gain 250 pounds you need to consume 200 grams of proteins every day

Eating food that contains an adequate amount of proteins not only builds good muscle, but also reduces fat, and this applies to everyone, whether they are men or women

You can eat foods rich in proteins such as red meat found in cows, goats, and deer, some types of fish and white meat found in poultry such as ducks, geese, and chickens, and found in fish, dairy products and eggs, and there are animal proteins found in plants,

 But you have to Pay attention to the sources from which you consume proteins, and creatine is present in abundant quantities in these foods. It is known that creatine is a substance that our bodies produce from those foods. It is considered fuel and energy for our bodies.

As for nutritional supplements, not all nutritional supplement is of high value or can compensate for the lack of protein, but despite this, Americans consume billions of dollars on nutritional supplements. 

Frankly, if you are consuming capsules or any good nutritional supplement that compensates you for natural protein and few calories, this is good, or if you need to raise the percentage of protein consumed for an intense workout, this is great.

I need to award you the last important tips.

  1. Do not postpone today's work to tomorrow. This tip means starting to exercise today. Even if you live in Venice and don't postpone your workout for a month Feb, May, Sep or anytime. 
  2. Focus on your target, do not worry about the world, and master the exercises to do them professionally and well, so do not worry about the world
  3. Increases in your abilities you should watch as you get stronger

    You have reached the end of the article. If you read it all, you know everything you need to know about muscle fitness, so start to raise muscle fitness and produce it strong and flexible.
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